Bonfaremo was founded to give students and young adults in Africa a real chance for a better future through a solid education. We collect donations for selected educational institutions and their students, support on-site and build new schools where they are needed.

Become a Sponsor

With your help the Msafiri English School and Pemaca Education Center will grow further and provide more children with a good home and the possibility of a better future. Your sponsorship will cover educational material, a school uniform, food and in the case of Msafiri School also accommodation for an entire year. Just a few Euros can have a remarkable impact.

Become a Volunteer

All three projects would like to invite volunteers to their community to foster international exchange, benefitting both students and volunteers. Your placement will help guarantee a broader pedagogic experience, foster technological exchange and provide improved English classes. Furthermore, teaching staff can be schooled in modern teaching methodologies helping to improve education standards better equipped to promote individual talents and strengths.

Become a Member

Regular membership contributions give us more planning security and enable us to progress long-term projects targeted at improving the sustainability of our work. We are therefore delighted to welcome new members that are willing to contribute 50 € annually to our vision of providing access to education to children of all backgrounds.

Make a Donation

We want to support our projects in becoming better educational institutions and in gaining long-term financial independence. To this end, we require donations, for example, to provide for the construction of a new well. Whether by making a personal donation or organizing an entire fundraising event: You can make a difference!