Bonfaremo is an organisation that was  founded in 2011 to support educational institutions in Africa, aid financially dependent students and build new schools where they are most needed. In Esperanto, the language originally developed to simplify communication on earth, Bonfaremo means charity.

In large parts of the Africa there is a tangible lack of money and opportunity to provide even the most basic education for the children. However, education is often the only way to escape poverty, as it stimulates creativity, productivity and proactivity, and leads the way towards a better future.

Bonfaremo is a non-profit association with no political or religious affiliations that exists solely to aid educational institutions in the poorest countries on earth.

Malage VTC – challenges ahead

Our first chairman, Felix Garbe, is currently in Tanzania, visiting Malage Vocational Training Centre. Progress at the Centre is impressive and Gasiano is already planning the next steps. Progess: Construction on the library is finished, the shelves are filled with books organized by subject and students are taking more and more advantage of this new […]

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